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20150613_161613_HDRIt’s summertime and around here that not only means skin searing temperatures but also an onslaught of birthdays and parties. Between friends from swim class, gymnastics and now pre-school, Jax has attended a party both Saturday and Sunday for the past few weekends with a couple double headers in the mix and there’s more to come every weekend through the end of August.

Luckily I stocked up on Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and Spiderman reusable bags from the Target dollar bin to use as gift bags. I also have a mad stash of blank note cards (from my stationary hoarding days) and I just let Jax have at it with some markers and we’re good to go on gift wrap and cards — but seriously, we might go broke.

But I’m happy Jax is social and I love seeing her excitement when I pick her up from school and she can’t wait to dig into her backpack to show me the latest invitation she received. So cute.

And her birthday is fast approaching too – I can hardly believe my little baby girl is going to be 3 years old.

A threenager social butterfly.


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