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Last November I threw my sister-in-law, Charlie, an adorable shower for to celebrate the arrival of my nephew, David. I let Charlie choose her theme and she asked for an elephant motif with a blue and gray color scheme to match the nursery she was putting together.

Check out the adorable cuteness!

ImageSweet-Stops created these decadent cupcakes, which I piled on my cupcake tower. I put the entire tower atop a cake pedestal for added height and drama.

Peeps, if you live in the Greater Phoenix area and are planning a party, shower, wedding, or gathering of any sort you need to contact Sweet-Stops. Yummy and adorable cupcakes for any theme or occasion. And don’t get me started on their cakelets and toffee.

ImageThese were the favors. The Sweet-Stops cupcakes adorned with a custom-made “Thank You” in a cupcake holder with mini cloche. Too. Dang. Cute. The guests were over the moon with excitement to take this home. Wouldn’t you be?

I found the cupcake holders at Ross for like $4.99 a piece. Now that might be a little on the pricey side for a party favor once you add the cupcake and the custom sticker, but this was a small shower and my sister-in-law is a special girl, so I splurged a bit. The “Thank You” stickers are from Beautiful Paper Crafts.

ImageBelieve it or not, this flower arrangement is from the floral department at Safeway! It wasn’t even custom. That store has a ton of gorgeous pre-made arrangements. We schnazzed it up with ribbon and extra cupcake topper, also from Beautiful Paper Crafts.


ImageThe menu included yummy tea-style chicken salad, egg salad and tuna sandwiches, ham and Swiss on Hawaiian rolls (so yummy), mixed greens with maple vinaigrette (comment with your email address if you want recipe – YOU DO) and a few dips, cheese spreads and hummus served with assorted crisps and crackers (Trader Joe’s is the best place for those yummy things).


ImageOld-fashioned “milk” bottles with lemonade. Haha – don’t let me fool you. These are actually bottles I saved from the scrumptious mochas and coffees I like to indulge in. Starbucks has the cutest bottle shape for these but they are expensive and limited in flavors. Archer Farms from Target has a variety of flavors and they are so much cheaper and just as yummy (IMO). I washed and saved the bottles and have used them for several parties. I even lend them out to friends for their celebrations! I ordered the gray and white paper straws here.

mini milkshakes You’ve seen my genius mini-milkshakes before. They seriously could not be any easier. Drive through milkshake + shot or cordial glass + snipped paper straw = adorable refreshments that will have your guests raving. And the math is easy too. Each glass is about an ounce so order your shake accordingly, one medium shake was enough to fill all of these plus a swig for me! Tip: order a vanilla shake and use food coloring to match your color scheme. 

Hope you enjoyed this little soiree. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need any tips for planning your next party!

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