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I love a good grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than buttery grilled bread enveloping gooey, gooey, cheese. But it does get better than that because the troop from The Gorilla Cheese Truck AZ are giving the cheesey classic a makeover and blowing your mind while they do it!

Arizona has no shortage of of tasty food truck offerings and The Gorilla Cheese Truck has fast become one of my favorites. Even my picky, condiment-loathing husband feels the same and declared his messy, grilled cheese, loaded with turkey and bacon and oozing with sriracha mayo, “the best sandwich I ever ate! Even more shocking, my 4 year-old, who has a bizarre aversion to bread, gobbled up her toasty with enthusiasm. This is two be considered a double triumph!


Putting mac and cheese into a sandwich is outrageous, adding smoked brisket, smoked pork and bacon is positively obscene and absolutely delicious. I savored every guilty bite of that beast and craved another an hour later. And the tater tots! Oh, my! The Gorilla Cheese Truck offers several types of outrageously tasty grilled cheese options ranging from the Hawaii 5-0, a special with the unexpected addition of grilled pineapple to the “OG” loaded with three different cheeses for the forage enthusiast.

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I suggest scoping out The Gorilla Cheese Truck’s schedule and planning a visit when the truck is closest to you!


Disclaimer: This meal was provided to me and my family free of charge. However, that has no effect on my opinions or statements made in this post. 


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